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Video Transcript

You only have to watch a couple of swing videos of Johnny Miller to realize that he was very aggressive through the ball. There was not many times that he held back and choke down on his shots. You know, if the caddy had said to him, do you want to hit a hard 8 or a soft 7, it was always the hard 8 and he was always going to go after it.

And the real positive nature of that is that he was never quitting on the shot. He was never decelerating. There was never really a lack of confidence in his ball striking ability. It was always quite a good aggressive rip through the shot. And I think a lot of club golfers can learn from that as well in that if you are doubting your own ability and you are nervous of how your strike is going to be, chances are you are going to slow down as you hit the ball and your strike won’t be any good anyway.

So, asking a club golfer or a lesson client, that I’m giving a lesson two to be aggressive is often a bit dangerous, because this idea of being aggressive for some golfers just means harder, faster, longer swings and they end up sort of getting a lot of kill to or last thing can [Indiscernible] [00:01:08] arms and feet. So, we want the golf swing to still be controlled and composed, but it just needs to be assertive and aggressive at the impact phase.

We definitely don’t want to have any doubt in our minds and slowdown from here. It’s turning from the top and really ripping through. And I think the key feature here can be a fast release of the hips. So, we get to the top of the back swing. Everything should be wound up. The hips are under a bit of tension here and we take the belt buckle and we turn to the left-hand side quickly.

And as we drive that belt buckle around and we release quickly, the club head comes down, releasing the lag from the L-shape in the wrists, rips through impact this way and we get around to a full finish and you’ll always see with Johnny Miller swings of all that he was fully rotated with the hips, right foot in the air, facing down the fairway, there was never any sort of held back, half follow-throughs, it was always full commitment. So, to improve your ball striking, try and be aggressive, not wild, but try and be aggressive and committed through the impact phase with a fast hip rotation.