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Video Transcript

A lot of people wouldn’t necessarily consider that golf is a particularly aggressive sport. It’s not like a game of football, American football as you guys would call it, rugby or anything like that where we’re going to teach you the full on or hitting each other really hard. Golf is generally classed as serene and graceful sport where we putter around the golf course hitting the occasional shot but actually there’s elements in your golf swing where you certainly should be very aggressive.

Areas of your golf swing where you're going to have to pull your hands and arms down towards the golf ball nicely to get quite aggressive. In fact, a golfer that isn't aggressive. It’s often going to be a golfer that just flips at the ball with their hands and their arms and they don't have the hands in front of the golf ball at the point of impact, they’re not leading in with the handle correctly. They’re just going to scoop the ball up into the air.

Generally, that’s going to be considered as a weaker way of hitting the golf if it was going to go to high, not very far and potentially not have a very good impact or strike on the ball. Certainly, not taking ball and turf and striking down correctly. So as a golfer, trying to get our hands in front of the golf ball, it can really benefit us if we are a bit more aggressive in the downswing. And the feeling here should be that from the top of the swing here, you’ve loaded up, you’ve created loads of power that you should pull down hard with the back of that left wrist, really pulling down aggressively into the ball and rotating this left hip out of the way very quickly.

So, left hand and left hip for the right-handed golfer. We don’t want to get to the top of the swing and hit harder with the right hand. The right hand would be the wrong motion here. It would flip the club out and that's not the way to be, so to the top, left hand, left hip, pulling down hard. And if can pull down hard through the ball, we should appreciate that we're going to get a decent strike on the ball, a nice sort of ball to have contact. So it’s quite a smooth swing to the top then a nice aggressive hit down. And as I hit down there, you can see I've ripped through the turf.

To get the golf club to rip through the turf like this, of course, I have to be aggressive. I can't just flop down into the ball. I'm not going to hit the ball with any real power. So it's up to the top, pull down, be nice and aggressive, drive through the turf and hopefully that aggressive downswing will encourage your hands to be in front of the golf ball for better quality of ball strike.