Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE retails for $19,99 (MSRP) a dozen and it makes for the company's softest and longest golf ball in their portfolio.The new Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE features a low compression and it's built using state of the art technologies, for providing you with total control and a soft feel around the greens, but without sacrificing distance in the process. For achieving these goals, the Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE is built with the highly advanced and proprietary Energetic Gradient Growth Core, which works in tandem with the Aerodynamic Speed Dimples, for promoting a straighter and longer ball flight, like never before. The Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE features a two piece construction and it's aimed at golfers looking for higher launch with less spin, and this baby does just that, offering an enhanced feel and increased speed shot after shot, using a combination between a very soft/low compression Energetic Gradient Core and a high-tech Rabalon HR+/Pana-Tatra dual blended soft-ionomere cover,making for a game improvement golf ball which virtually has no match in its category and price range. The very low 71 compression core allows golfers with moderate-low swing speeds to achieve more ball speed and increased distance.

    The improved coating works together with the advanced dimple design, offering the Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE a penetrating ball flight and a higher lift force, together with better aerodynamics, resulting in more distance and carry, together with excellent stability in windy conditions. Also, the Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE is specially designed to improve visual performance as you're tracking the flight of the ball through the air. Last but not least, the Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE comes with the Hit Straight feature,which is basically an alignment aid which promotes focus and helps the player to make square set up easier on the greens. Bottom line, the Srixon Soft Feel PURE WHITE is the ideal golf ball for players with lower swing speeds, thanks to its extremely soft core that optimizes energy transfer for a very soft feel and greater distance, from tee to green.

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