The Srixon Z-STAR PURE WHITE retails for $44,99 (MSRP) a dozen and it's built and designed using the company's latest technologies for delivering amazing distance, together with unparalleled feel and control. How did they do it? Well, the answer comes from Srixon's R&D department, who managed to put their best stuff into the Srixon Z-STAR PURE WHITE, such as the next gen Spin Skin, which performs miracles in terms of control and feel, while the brand new and re-designed Speed Dimple technology works in tandem with the Energetic Gradient Growth core, delivering amazing distance, shot after shot,round after round. After testing the new and improved Srixon Z-STAR PURE WHITE on the golf course, I could not helped myself notice the dramatic improvements in terms of performance and feel, as this new ball is much different than the previous versions, making for an incredible advancement for the company. The new technologies incorporated into the Srixon Z-STAR PURE WHITE's built really make a difference in terms of improving control and green-side spin, but without compromising distance off the tee.

    That's mainly due to the new Spin Skin technology, which manages to increase the friction coefficient between the club surface and the ball by twenty percent. The end result of all these high-tech technologies translate into a longer and more accurate golf ball than ever before, a ball that rolls nicely and feels awesome off the face when putting. Now, let's see who is the Srixon Z-STAR PURE WHITE golf ball for? Well, if you're a better player looking for an interesting melange of benefits offered by a piece of golf gear that can be described as the missing link between a hard and a soft golf ball, the Srixon Z-STAR PURE WHITE is worth a try, being designed for delivering improved distance for higher swing speeds and durability, together with great short game control.

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