To hit the ball just the right distance, you need a more target-oriented approach. Instead of looking at the ground, focus on the spot where you want the ball to land as you make practice swings, rehearsing the length and force with which you need to hit the ball to put it there. At address, focus again on your target spot and waggle the club lightly a few times. Then return your eyes to the ball and play the shot.

By thinking about the target instead of the ball, and by warming up properly, you will hopefully hit the first tee with a great feel that will last you all day long. Of course, it rarely works out that way in the real world. Your feel is likely to come and go over the course of a round, so you need to be able to get it back as quickly as possible in order to shoot a good score. Obviously you are not allowed to practice during a round, so you will have to go about regaining your touch in a different way.

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