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Womans golf shoes isolated on a white background with golf balls and tees.Some courses are very particular about the footwear worn on the golf course and some are not.

Here are some positive and negative points on the three most popular types of shoe - Spikes, Soft Spikes, and Spike-less

Some courses do not allow proper metal spikes on their course for fear of damaging greens.
Provide the best grip - particularly in wet or soft conditions.
Can feel hard in dry or solid conditions.
Keep a strong foothold on hilly shots.
Cant be worn in the clubhouse or on an indoor driving range.

Soft - Spikes
These look like spiders on the sole of the shoe.
Provide adequate grip in dry and solid conditions.
Are soft and comfortable to walk on.
Can get clogged up with dirt in wet and soft conditions.
Can slip a little in the wet.
Cannot wear them in the clubhouse but can on an indoor driving range.

These are like trainers with bobbles on the soles.
Very soft and comfortable to wear.
Can wear them inside and at an indoor driving range.
Will slip in the wet.
Provide good grip on flat, dry ground.

Take a close look at the above facts and relate them to where you play your golf the most. Then make sure that the shoes that you choose fit well and are comfortable and do the job that they should do - keep you stable through your golf swing.

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There are enough golf shoes out there to get a pair that are practical for your course and needs and that look good too. Shop around and get the best of both worlds.

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The cheapest shoes can be the most uncomfortable and impractical shoes. Considering you will be spending four to five hours in them every time you play you will not enjoy your games of golf. Also, considering that this is your leisure activity and you are playing the game for enjoyment, this seems like an odd decision. Dont just buy the cheapest, but if the shoes that suit you are the cheapest, that is different - go for it!

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These will be good shoes but dont forget that he is paid to wear those shoes. Get something that suits you not someone else.