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How Can I Make My Golf Bunkers Come Out Higher?If youre looking to hit the shots that you play out of bunkers much higher, then the first thing you need to do is check that you are playing the shot with your most lofted golf club.

If you carry a lob wedge, use this to help you achieve a higher shot from the bunker. A lob wedge usually has 60° of loft on the club face. However, if you do not carry one of these then play the shot with your sand iron, which typically has 56° of loft on the club face.
Once youve selected your most lofted golf club you now need to open the club face. To do this if youre a right-handed golfer, look at the grip and you will have either a grip aid or the name of the manufacturer at the bottom of the grip. Usually you would hold the club so that the name of the grip is centred, but to open the club face to achieve more loft and produce a higher trajectory for the shot, rotate the name on the grip to the right, so that it is off centre.

Place your hands on the club and as you look down at the club face, you will notice that there is more loft, or that the club face is leaning back more. Its very important that you rotate the handle and then place your hands on in this order, as this will allow you to present the club with more loft on the face through impact. If you hold the club first and then rotate your hands and the club to the right, even though this opens the face at the address, your hands will rotate back and square the club face as you strike through impact and the result of this will be no additional loft. Rotate the handle of the golf club then place your hands on.

With the club face now open you will notice that the club face is also aiming more right than usual. Place the club face next to the golf ball and then rotate your feet around to the left until the club face is aiming at the target once more. This means your feet are now aiming left of the target and are not parallel to the target line. This is to allow the open club face to strike the ball at the target.

Set your feet shoulder width apart and place the ball in the centre of your stance. Wriggle your feet into the sand and now swing the club back parallel to your toe line, hinging your wrists quickly as you do this. Swing the club head back down parallel to your toe line and strike the sand two inches before the ball. Ensure that you rotate your body towards the target through impact and work on keeping your right palm face up to the sky on your follow through, as this will keep the club face in its most lofted position helping you to achieve a high bunker shot.

To work on this the next time you are in a practice bunker, draw a circle around the ball, about two to three inches outside the ball. Work on the swing as described above and splash the sand from out of the circle. The circle should totally disappear. As you do this, work on carrying the sand on the club face during your follow through and if you achieve this, you will have hit a great shot.

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Closing the club face, or turning the face to the left of the target, actually de-lofts the club face. This will produce a very low ball flight and the golf ball will not be hit on a high trajectory.

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If you play the ball further back in your stance than usual, you will actually strike the ball before the lowest point of your swing arc. This means that the club face will be de-lofted as it strikes the golf ball, as it has not yet reached its low point, where the loft is correctly presented. The ball will be struck on a low trajectory if played from this position.

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Playing shots with a lower number iron produces lower flighted shots. The lower number iron you have, the lower and less loft there is on the club face. If you are wanting to play a high shot, you need to use a high number and with your irons, this is actually your sand iron or lob wedge.