bunker term


In golf, a bunker, also known as a sand trap, is an area on the course filled with sand, typically located near the fairway or around the greens. Bunkers are considered hazards and are designed to test a golfer's skill and strategy.

The primary purpose of a bunker is to penalize a golfer for an errant shot by making it more challenging to advance the ball towards the hole. When a golf ball lands in a bunker, it tends to settle into the sand, creating a difficult lie. The sand's texture and consistency can vary from course to course, but the general aim is to create a challenging obstacle.

When faced with a shot from a bunker, golfers need to employ specific techniques to extract the ball from the sand and onto the green. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when playing from a bunker:

  1. Open the clubface: To increase the effective loft of the club and maximize the chance of getting the ball out of the bunker, golfers typically open the clubface at address. This means rotating the clubface away from the target, exposing more of the club's loft.
  2. Dig your feet in: Golfers often dig their feet into the sand to establish a solid stance and maintain balance during the shot. This provides stability while preventing the feet from slipping during the swing.
  3. Aim to hit the sand, not the ball: Unlike shots from the fairway or rough, when playing from a bunker, the golfer's intention is to strike the sand behind the ball, not the ball itself. The goal is to take a small amount of sand, allowing it to lift the ball out of the bunker and onto the green.
  4. Follow through: A complete and balanced follow-through is crucial when playing from a bunker. It helps ensure the clubhead continues to move through the sand, promoting a clean strike and preventing the club from getting stuck.

Bunkers add both challenge and strategy to the game of golf. Skillful bunker play can save strokes, while poor execution can lead to frustration and higher scores.

Bunker (aka Sand Trap): A hazard filled with sand. There is no penalty for hitting a ball into a bunker; however, specific rules govern play from these hazards.