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Answer How Can I Master Golf Bunker Shots

Bunker shots can strike terror into amateur golfers who sometimes just cannot find a way out of the sand.

Contrast this with professional golfers who seem to lift the ball from bunkers with incredible ease and you have quite a contrast. The truth is, bunker shots from a good lie are remarkably easy to play when the correct technique has been learnt and practiced.

The most popular way to lift the ball from the bunker is with a splash bunker shot method.

The splash bunker shot involves the club sweeping down into the sand just behind the ball and skimming it out on a fine carpet of sand. The splash bunker shot only takes a limited amount of sand out of the bunker when compared to a blast bunker shot which shifts much more.

Players can practice the following technique and use it from good lies in the bunker.

The splash bunker shot

  • For the splash bunker shot, use a high lofted club like a sand wedge.
  • Open up the club face before taking the grip. The higher the golfer wants to hit the ball, the more they should open up the club face. The club can be opened very wide, enough to balance a glass of water on top.
  • Golfers can grip the club high on the handle to help avoid quitting on the shot or hold the handle nearer the shaft for more control.
  • Gripping the club firmly with the back two fingers of the left hand will help you hold the club face open through impact. You don’t want the club face closing down through the shot.
  • Take a square stance with the ball slightly forward of center and the club face aimed right of the target.
  • To complete the set up, move the left foot, hips and shoulders left until the club’s leading edge aims at the target.
  • To ensure a crisp, sweeping motion under the ball, make a long, smooth swing along the body line, hinging the wrists upwards before swinging down and entering the sand an inch behind the ball.
  • The swing should flow about an inch under the ball taking out a divot the size of $1 bill. The divot should start an inch behind the ball and extend through and after.
  • Extend through the ball and finish in a full position. The ball should fly towards the target on a carpet of sand.

Hitting out of bunkers doesn’t need to hold the fear that it has over amateur golfers. Practice the splash bunker technique and build your mastery of the sand.

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Without practicing the correct technique, golfers may struggle hitting flowing shots from the sand. However, the technique is simple to grasp and easy to execute. Don’t be afraid of hitting down into the sand and soon a bunker will hold no fear.

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No, the splash bunker shot is for good to moderate lies in the bunker. If the ball is sitting down or buried, a blast bunker shot could be a better option. The blast bunker shot will see a little more weight placed on the front foot and a more digging motion into the sand. The important thing is to correctly assess the lie and understand your options.

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You need at least a sand wedge to play this shot because of the extra loft and bounce on the club’s sole. Don’t underestimate the power of using the correct equipment.