Lip of a Bunker or Cup Term


The term “bunker lip” or “cup lip” in golf refers to the edge or rim of the bunker or sand trap. It is the elevated portion that separates the bunker from the surrounding grass or fairway. The bunker lip is essentially the barrier that a golfer must navigate when trying to escape the bunker and advance the ball towards the green.

When a golfer finds their ball in a bunker, the height and steepness of the bunker lip play a significant role in the difficulty of the shot. A high or steep lip can make it more challenging to get the ball up and out of the bunker and onto the green.

The bunker lip affects the golfer's strategy and shot selection. If the lip is relatively low, the golfer may opt to play a more aggressive shot, attempting to carry the ball over the lip and onto the green with sufficient height and distance. However, if the lip is high or the golfer has a difficult lie, they may choose a more conservative approach, aiming to play a shorter shot that clears the lip but remains in the fairway or just outside the bunker.

Golfers need to assess the height and slope of the bunker lip before determining their shot strategy. They may need to adjust their club selection, swing technique, and trajectory to clear the lip successfully. Practice and experience in reading bunker conditions are essential for gauging how to play shots from different bunker lips effectively.

Overall, the bunker lip is a critical element that adds challenge and strategic decision-making to a golfer's game when faced with shots from bunkers.

Lip (of a Bunker or Cup): The term “lip” may refer to the edge of the cup on a golf green, or the edge of a sand bunker.