The way the legs work in the modern golf swing is actually quite simple. It has certainly been simplified from years gone by, which is why this new swing is so much more consistent. By adding as much stability to your lower half as possible, you will find it much easier to hit the back of the ball cleanly time after time. There are fewer moving parts in this new kind of swing, and fewer moving parts almost always leads to improved results. If you are serious about building a swing which is going to hold up over the long run, taking the modern approach to the lower body is the way to go.

While it is your upper body that is directly controlling the club during the swing, the lower body has a lot to do with your success or failure on the course. Use your legs as described in this article and you should be well on your way to quality play. While the legs were once used to slide toward the target in the downswing, today's swing is focused on rotation more than anything else. Like everything else in life, golf changes over time and you will be best served to keep up with the times. Take some time to pay attention to how your legs work in your swing if you would like to progress toward a better future.

Legs Lesson Chart

How Should the Legs Work in Today's Modern Swing
How Should The Legs Work In Today's Modern Golf Swing
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The Role Of The Legs In A Modern Golf Swing
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Golf Leg Action, How Have The Role Of The Legs Changed In The Modern Swing

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