Full Golf Club Release to Create Running Chip Shot, Women Golfer Tip 1

    To create a consistent running chip shot, it is important initially to have the correct set up position.

    Pick a club with slightly less loft, such as a 7 iron to encourage the ball to fly slightly lower and then to run forward once it has landed. Play the ball from the centre of your stance and hold lower down on the handle for more club head control. Pull your left foot directly back by a few inches to allow your left hip to rotate towards the target slightly and create the room for your arms and the club to swing through the shot.

    Create a straight line from your left shoulder down to your left hand and then to the club head (for right handed golfers). During a running chip shot, your hands and wrists are very passive so creating this straight line and forward lean in the club will encourage you to bring the club head back to the ball correctly. As you swing the club away from the ball, keep the straight line relationship between the left shoulder, left hand and club head. Then move this straight line back into the ball and through impact.

    Full Golf Club Release to Create Running Chip Shot, Women Golfer Tip 2

    The movement is made very much from the body as you swing through impact, with your hands and wrists remaining very passive. Allow your body to rotate towards the target during impact and as you swing through into your finish position, and hold this position to gain valuable information about the movement.

    The key question is have you maintained the straight line position?

    You can practice this by holding both the club and an alignment pole behind your left arm. Rest the pole on your left side and maintain contact between the pole and your left side as you swing. This will encourage your body to rotate towards the target as you play through the shot and you should finish with your body rotated towards the target but the club shaft and your left arm should remain in a straight line pointing towards your target.