Practising this chipping drill will really help to improve your chipping of the golf ball as you have to be so accurate when doing this. The great thing about this drill is that you can try it at home as you do not need much space so even when you are unable to get to your practice facility you can still work on improving your game.

How To Chip Coins As A Training Drill, To Create The Correct Chipping Technique And Achieve The Best Golf Chip Shots For Women Golfers 1

Take a coin or any type of plastic or metal disk and place it on the floor. You are now going to play shots that hit the coin into the air. In order to do this successfully, you need to ensure that you are making a downward strike with the club head towards the coin and you also have to be extremely accurate. Swinging the club head above the coin, because it sits so low on the floor, will obviously result in you missing the coin. Hitting the ground too early before the coin will result in the club head striking the ground and then bouncing over the coin and again you will miss it.

You need to be extremely accurate with this drill to be successful at it. Set up ready to chip. Have a centred ball position, with your feet slightly under shoulder width apart. Stand closer to the ball than for a full shot and hold down on the handle. This will give you more club head control. Pull your left foot directly back to about half way down your right foot to help you swing your arms through the shot and place slightly more weight on to your left foot. This will encourage you to strike down towards the coin/ball. Start from a position where you create a straight line from your left shoulder down to your left hand and then down to the club head, as this will ensure that your hands are ahead of the club head (more to the left than the club head) and again this helps to create a down striking action. Swing the club away from the coin and work on making a downward action as you move the club head back towards the edge of the coin. Ensure that your follow through mirrors the position of the club head on your backswing and with a little hard work you will begin to chip the coin up in the air. After practicing this drill, chipping a ball will appear a whole lot easier!