Try Putting Stroke For Improved Chipping, Ladies Golf Tip

    If you struggle with your chipping then a great alternative is to play the shot with your putting stroke instead.

    Set up to play the shot with the ball in the centre of your stance and ensure you are aiming the club face where you want to hit the ball to. Take up your stance with your feet less than shoulder width apart and then pull your left foot directly back (for right handed golfers) about four inches as this will encourage you to turn your body through the shot as you play it and for you to keep the club head moving along the target line. Hold lower down on the handle to give you more club head control and to allow your arms to straighten. Create a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm to your hands and then down the club shaft to the club head.

    To play the shot, use your putting stroke. Simply move the straight line, from your shoulders, to the right of the golf ball and then to the left. Work on having a follow through equal to the distance the club head swung back to, so if the club head moved three feet to the right of the ball, move the straight line of your arm and club through the ball and then three feet to the left, allowing the loft of the club to launch the golf ball into the air.

    This is a really effective technique for playing a 7 iron or a hybrid chip and run shot. The ball will fly initially in the air but then roll along the green more than it travels in the air. Generally, the 7 iron will fly 25% in the air and then roll 75% and the hybrid will travel 15% in the air and 85% on the floor.

    If you are struggling to maintain a really passive and still wrist position during this shot then try the following drill to encourage your wrists to stay straight and for you to swing from your shoulders as you do when you putt. Practice the shot wearing a jacket with a tight cuff on your left sleeve. Slide the handle of the golf club up your left sleeve when you place your hands lower down on the handle. Work on moving from your shoulders and keeping the straight line of your left arm and the golf club. If you are using your wrists, the handle of the golf club with pull on your sleeve and you will feel this. Work on moving without the handle pulling on your sleeve and this will keep your wrists still and ensure you are swinging from your shoulders. Once you are moving without the handle pulling at your sleeve then play the shot without the handle up your sleeve, but with the same movement from the shoulders.

    This is a great alternative and extremely effective and easy shot to play that will produce great results. The next time you are out on the golf course try improving your chipping and confidence by using your putting stroke.