Are Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Good For Sweeping Swing To Help Avoiding Taking Divots

Hybrid golf clubs are a mix of the best elements of a fairway wood and an iron. They have the larger head of a fairway wood and the shaft length of an iron and these elements result in a golf club that is extremely easy to hit and very forgiving, consistently producing golf shots that fly high, long and accurately at the target.

The larger club head of a hybrid golf club means that the club has a wider sole on it, similar to that of a fairway wood. The wider sole has the benefit of allowing the club head to glide over the turf which maximizes the club head speed. If the hybrid had a thinner sole, as an iron does, the leading edge would dig into the turf and take a divot. However, because the sole of the hybrid is so wide, the leading edge of the hybrid club head does not dig into the ground and so does not take a divot which maximizes club head speed and shot length.

Because of this feature with the hybrid golf club, it suits a U shape swing that produces a more sweeping action through the golf ball at impact, rather than a downward striking action that would take a divot. A U shape swing is a more rounded, flatter swing action and this results in a gentler more shallow angle of approach in the club head’s action towards the golf ball. This more shallow angle of approach means that the club head sweeps in across the turf and clips the golf ball cleanly off the grass and into the air.

To encourage this sweeping action, set up with your feet shoulder width apart and the golf ball slightly forward in your stance, so that it is left of centre (for right handed golfers). Keep your weight evenly distributed between your left and right foot and this will encourage you to make a slightly flatter backswing, as you rotate your upper body over your lower. Turn your shoulders 90 degrees to the right of their start position and maintain your balance. Rotate your lower body to initiate your downswing, towards the target, and this swing action and set up will create a sweeping swing through the golf ball and you will avoid taking a divot.

Ladies hybrid golf clubs are great for a sweeping swing action that is a little flatter and more rounded and this helps you to avoid taking divots as you are able to clip the golf ball cleanly off the grass at maximum club head speed.

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