Before going any further, it should be noted that this concept applies only to your iron shots. All golfers should be sweeping their driver and fairway metals, as hitting down on those clubs is going to lead to poor results. It is only when you are working on your iron swing that you need to weigh the pros and cons of these two methods. Since there are players who have performed at a high level with each option, you can be confident that either path has the potential to lead you to better golf.

The only true mistake that you can make when picking between a sweeping swing and a downward hit is to not make a decision at all. Your golf swing needs a clear direction, and your practice sessions need to be focused in a way that allows you to make consistent improvements. If you are constantly going back and forth between these two styles – or worse, you don't even know what style you are using – your swing will never make progress and your scores will stall or even move higher. It is essential that you make a decision on this point and then move forward with your game confidently.

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