A Proper Connected Golf Swing Creates Improved Accuracy and Distance

    Gear Up

    It’s no secret that quality golf gear can be a bit on the pricey side. But if you’re really committed to learning how to play your best game, then properly fitting equipment is essential. Do you have to spend a fortune on all of the latest, most high tech, brand name clubs and gear? Of course not. But taking the time to see the club fitter at your local course or golf shop and getting the measurements for clubs that fit you best will go a long way towards improving your game from day one. Make the initial investment, and every other golf tip you ever follow will work out all the better for it.

    Get the Right Stance

    Unless you’re giving yourself enough room to follow through, your swing won’t be nearly as effective. The secret to a proper stance lies in the width of your feet. You should be setting yourself up wide, with most of your weight on the right side of your body. Tilt your shoulders to the right, as well. As a point of reference, your head should be aligned slightly to the right of the top of the zipper on your pants. Once you’re in position, make sure you’re holding your driver far enough from your body to allow for a powerful swing.

    Swing Through the Ball

    One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur women golfers is to attempt to scoop the ball into the air with the head of the club. In reality, this will cause your swing to slow down after impact. The definition of proper tempo is a buildup of speed. Harnessing that acceleration—learning to control your speed and power—is the best way to drive your swing through the impact on the ball, bringing you to a full finish.

    Put in the Time

    Like anything else, perfecting your golf game takes effort, commitment, and, most of all, time. The bottom line is this: if you don’t get out and play, you’ll never get any better. Putting in at least two rounds a month (even if it’s just 9 holes) will go a long way towards getting you where you want to be.

    Consider joining a women’s league or golf club. Being around other enthusiastic beginners might be just the impetus you need to get out and put in the time on your game. Keep in mind that you’re still learning, so don’t stress your score too much to begin with. Instead, focus on developing your game and style, and experiment with different shots and clubs.