Ladies hybrid golf clubs are the best of both worlds in golf. They have the larger head of a wood plus the shorter length of the iron, making hybrid golf clubs very easy to hit consistently well, high and long.

Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Explained

The bigger club head that a hybrid has over an iron means initially that it is easier to strike the ball from. But the larger head also means that the club’s sweet spot is also much larger. The sweet spot of a golf club is an area about the size of a medium coin in the middle of the club face. When a golf ball is struck from this area of a club head it flies with maximum length and accuracy so playing with a club that has a larger sweet spot makes it easier to hit long, accurate shots more often. The larger sweet spot also makes the hybrid more forgiving because effectively you can strike the golf ball from further away from the centre of the club face of a hybrid but still be within the sweet spot whereas striking from that distance from the centre of an iron would be outside the smaller sweet spot area on this club head.

The larger club head of the hybrid means that the weight within the club head can be placed more towards the perimeter. This results in a hybrid having a higher moment of inertia than an iron. Moment of inertia is the club head's ability to resist rotation and is extremely important with regards to off centre hits. If you think how an ice skater spins on the spot, if they stretch their arms out they spin slower as they have more resistance to the spinning action.Hybrid Golf Clubs Explained 1 However, if they place their arms closer to their body they spin much faster as their ability to resist the spinning action reduces. When a club head strikes a golf ball, the area of the club face that impacts with the ball slows down. If this is the centre of the club face then there is no rotational force placed on to the face so the ball will be hit straight.

However, if the ball is struck from one end of the club face, for example the toe, then this side of the face is slowed down through the impact with the golf ball, but the other end of the club face, the heel, will continue to travel at the higher speed and this will cause the club face to rotate and hit the golf ball to the right. A hybrid is able to resist this rotational twisting from off centre strikes, due to the perimeter weighting in its head – it’s the same principle that applies to the ice skater stretching their arms out to slow their spin down and a hybrid is a much more forgiving club to play with as the golf ball will be hit straighter even when not hit from the middle of the club face.

A hybrid golf club also has a much lower centre of gravity in its club head than an iron does because of the larger head and the hybrid hits the golf ball much higher and makes it easier to get the ball into the air because the lower that the centre of gravity is in a club head, the higher the ball will be launched from the club face. With a higher launch angle from a hybrid club face, the golf ball will fly further in the air and therefore travel a greater distance but also when it lands, it will land much softer because of the steeper descent angle of the ball and therefore the ball will stop much more quickly making it easier to hit hybrids on to the green.

A hybrid is much easier to swing with a higher club head speed as well, as it has a wider sole than an iron. The wider sole is designed to allow the club head to glide across the grass so that all of the club head speed is transferred into the golf ball to produce shots of greater distance. An iron club head digs into the turf more and when this happens, the club head speed is transferred into the turf resulting in a lower speed being transferred into the golf ball and resultant shot.

Finally, the shorter length of the hybrid when compared to a fairway wood makes it easier to control so a hybrid really is a very easy to hit golf club that provides you with a great deal of forgiveness and produces high, accurate and long golf shots. Thomas Golf have a very extensive selection of hybrids on offer on their website so have a look at what they have available if you would like to transform your golf game with these clubs.