Ladies Versatile Hybrid Golf Clubs Best For Forgiveness

Hybrids are a really easy to hit, versatile golf club to play with. They give you a great range of shot options when you carry them in your golf bag but more importantly than this, they offer a great deal of forgiveness on mis-hit golf shots.

If you strike a golf ball from the centre of any golf club it produces an accurate and long golf shot as it is hit from the club head's sweet spot. The sweet spot is an area in the middle of the club face that is about the size of a medium coin. Hybrids have a bigger club head than irons do and as a result of this they have a larger sweet spot, or a larger area to hit great golf shots from, making them initially more forgiving than the smaller sweet spot area of the iron.

Any shot hit from a golf club's sweet spot flies straight. As the club face strikes the golf ball and is slowed down due to the impact, the club face is uniformly slowed across the whole face which results in the club face remaining straight. However, when a golf ball is struck from outside of the club head's sweet spot, for example off the toe of the club, only this area of the club head is slowed down through the impact. The heel area continues to travel at the higher speed prior to the impact and the club head twists due to the rotational force that is applied from the off centre strike and this produces a shot that flies off target.

As a hybrid has a larger club head, the weight in the head can be placed more around the perimeter and further away from the strike area. This results in the club head being able to resist the rotational force that is applied to it by any off centre strike. Technically, the hybrid has a much higher moment of inertia, or ability to resist rotational force and this makes the club much more forgiving than an iron because the club face will not rotate when an off centre strike is made and the ball will still fly straight and accurately at the target.

A hybrid golf club also has a much lower centre of gravity than an iron does. A lower centre of gravity in a golf club head produces shots that are launched at a higher angle and it makes it much easier to get the golf ball up and into the air. Golf shots that are played with hybrids fly much higher than those played with irons so this makes the golf club much more forgiving as it is much easier to get the ball into the air. The higher the golf ball flies, the more time it spends in the air and the longer the ball is in the air, the further it is travelling so the more distance the golf ball will cover.

Hybrid golf clubs really are forgiving. Have a look at the Thomas Golf website as they have a huge selection of hybrids available for you to chose from. Carrying hybrids makes playing golf a great deal easier and with the forgiveness that they offer you on mis-hit golf shots, you will find that not only will your game improve but you will enjoy your golf a great deal more.