• Type: Semi-Private
  • Address: 4343 Ayden Golf Club Rd
  • City: Ayden
  • County: Pitt
  • State: North Carolina
  • Zip: 28513
  • Call to Book Tee Time: (252) 746-3389

At 4343 Ayden Golf Club Rd you can enjoy the 18 holes of Ayden Golf & Country Club. The GPS coordinates are: -77.386647 longitude and 35.46014 latitude.


    Ayden Golf and Country Club
    Ayden Golf and Country Club

    Ayden Golf and Country Club

    Not the toughest of tests, but a really nice little track. Located in Asheville, NC and right in the heart of the mountainside, Ayden Golf Club provides a fun filled atmosphere merged with immaculate views.

    The course layout is not too challenging, and lacks a lot of distance. With that said, this is one of the longer course in Asheville, sitting at just over 6,700 yards. The course lacks a lot of defense, and there is only water on three holes. The main trouble comes with the tree lined fairways throughout, which require golfers to club down off of the tee to navigate safely. Another slight defense, is the abundance of dog-legs throughout, which make up five total holes. Although there are a goof amount of dog-legs, the majority of them are pretty simple, with the exception of the par 4 sixth hole. This one packs a punch, and you have to be very smart to walk out of this one with a par. Sitting at just over 380 yards, there is no need to launch a driver off of the tee. Keep an iron in hand, and find the fairway or you will find trouble. Once you find the fairway, the fun is not over, now you have to avoid the creek running in front and to the left of the green, which has taken down more golf balls than any other hole on the course. The miss here is long and right, and leave yourself below the hole to have a good shot at par.

    In all, the course layout is not too challenging. If you can play the few difficult holes the correct way, then you will find yourself in a position to put up some strong golf. The course conditions can vary, with the best coming in the summer months.

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Golf Course Info

Golf Course Information


  • Number of Holes: 18
  • Location Time Zone: EST
  • Daylight Savings Time: yes
  • Latitude: 35.46014
  • Longitude: -77.386647


  • Advance Tee Time Notice: 5 days
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