SkyCaddie Aire II Golf GPS Review

    The SkyCaddie Aire II is the next logical step to take if you were a big fan of the first generation or you just want a high-performance/fully featured GPS rangefinder at a reasonable price. Just like its predecessor, the SkyCaddie Aire II sports the same features and concepts which proved to be hugely popular among the game’s enthusiasts: it’s a very light, versatile and affordable piece of golf gear which is aimed at making your game better and more enjoyable. Basically, the SkyCaddie Aire II is the no-nonsense option for golf aficionados, providing its owner with spot-on/highly accurate data/all the information required on the golf course in an easy to use manner. Just like the first generation, the Aire II comes packed with over 35,000 preloaded golf courses from all around the world.

    All you have to do is to power it on and the gizmo will automatically determine your location, it will identify the respective turf and you’ll be ready to go in no time! It’s that easy folks! As you swing and move around on the turf, you can use the SkyCaddie Aire II’s scoring feature to keep track of your game-progress. Obviously the gizmo “knows” the par of every hole, so you can get a pretty accurate idea about your gameplay performance on the fly. The Aire II comes with improved functionality over the previous gen, especially when it comes to easy access to center/front/back yardages; now the measurements are dynamic, the device offering the respective distances from your angle to the green, which comes handy if you don’t have internet access. Another cool feature is the shot measurement that lets you know precisely how far you hit using different clubs, thus helping you choose the best club for the shot. Now there are two LayUp zones in the SkyCaddie Aire II on every hole and if you’re a fan of the LayUp zone feature, you can upgrade for a paid membership which allows you up to 40 targets/hole. I must also mention the Intelligreen (paid) feature that shows actual green shapes and offers a comprehensive analysis after each round. However, you don’t have to pay extra-annual fees and stick to the standard features in the SkyCaddie Aire II, which are ample. The 1.8 inches wide display is very easy to read, the rangefinder recognizes which hole you’re at without needing to press any button, there’s a digital scorecard, a calorie counter, an odometer, a distance tracker and if you add the “extra” features, you’ll end up with a pretty capable GPS rangefinder at an affordable price (~$200 or less).