Callaway Apex CF 16  Apex Pro 16 Irons Combo Set Review
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    1. Callaway Apex CF 16 Apex Pro 16 Irons Combo Set Review

    The long irons feature the proprietary  360 Face Cup technology, respectively Callaway's proprietary/industry leading innovation, which re-defines ball speeds in irons, together with a specially designed face cup, for providing you with consistent and predictable ball speeds all across the face, round after round. The short irons in the  Callaway Apex CF 16  Apex Pro 16 combo set are precision engineered featuring a state of the art shaping, required by the best players out there, and also a higher center of gravity for a penetrating and controlled ball trajectory. If you're an aggressive golfer, rest assured, as the  Callaway Apex CF 16  Apex Pro 16 combo set was created for providing you playability, precision and the optimal moment of inertia for each club, so you can go about your game in total confidence. Also, these irons are built using a mild carbon steel and a state of the art quadruple net forging, in order to give you that smooth, soft feel you'd expect in a forged iron, the feel we all know and love. Bottom line, even if this set is aimed especially to elite amateurs and tour players (they are not as forgiving as others), you can go try them and thank me later.

    Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set Review
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    2. Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set Review

    The driver's aerodynamic shaping reduces the drag during your swings, resulting in more club-head speed, which equals more distance. The high moment of inertia design promotes stability for straighter drives and also increases forgiveness. The Fairway Woods in the Adams Speedline Plus Complete feature the advanced slot design and a bigger sweet spot, for improving launching conditions and maximum forgiveness across the face, together with added ball speed. The hybrid is designed with a very thin crown which lowers the COG (center of gravity) for higher and easier launch, while the thin face provides more speed. There's also heel and toe perimeter weighting for maximizing forgiveness, together with a draw biased design. The irons in the Adams Speedline Plus Complete are very easy to hit, being versatile and forgiving, with ultra deep and low COG and a quad cavity heel and toe perimeter weighting, for delivering exceptional forgiveness and feel. The set comes also with a hybrid bag, a classic shaped putter and a Tom Watson RC 14 Sand Wedge, being the complete pack and offering excellent value for money, together with performance and convenience.

    Callaway Edge Combo Set Review
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    3. Callaway Edge Combo Set Review

    The Edge Combo Set features a high launch hybrid design which was created by optimizing the center of gravity (CG) location, for producing the easiest to hit hybrids in the Callaway lineup. How did they do it? Well, it's pretty simple, yet ingenious: the  Callaway Edge Combo Set is built featuring  a hollow iron design, a lowered center of gravity and improved launch angles and forgiveness. All these ingredients are known to produce easy to hit irons, and this combo set proves the theory valid once again. For further promoting hitting ease and forgiveness, accuracy and distance are built in into each club. I was extremely pleased playing with these babies, they're very well crafted and offer excellent value for money. The feel in the swing is awesome and when you hit the sweet spot, you'll be delighted by the thud sound. Bottom line, the  Callaway Edge Combo Set is everything they said it will be, i.e. full of performance features and designed to definitely improve every golfer's game.

    TaylorMade KALEA LADIES 10 Piece Set Review
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    4. TaylorMade KALEA LADIES 10 Piece Set Review

    Every piece in the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES 10 Piece Set is designed with a low and back CG (center of gravity) and optimized lofting, for ensuring you that all the clubs in your golf bag are able to get the ball up in the air effortlessly. All the clubs benefit from TaylorMade's proprietary innovation, i.e. the slot technology in the sole for making it more flexible, thus allowing the face of the club to produce a spring like effect upon ball impact for offering you the ultimate in terms of ball speed. Also, all the clubs in the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES 10 Piece Set are fitted with the Kalea SlimTech shafts, featuring smaller tip diameteres for helping improving the launch angle upon ball impact.

    Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set Review
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    5. Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set Review

    The sweet spot in the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set is located very low on the face, in that precise area where high handicap golfers usually tend to hit the ball with. All these improvements offer higher ball speeds for the irons and also minimize the unpleasant effects when it comes to off-center/miss-hits via their tremendous forgiveness. Unlike many other irons with very thin and fast faces, the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set doesn't sacrifice feel, thanks to the TPU material which was put between the cavity and the face, in order to dampen vibrations, greatly improving both feel and sound. For achieving better contact and a higher launch, the soles were redesigned, now featuring a trailing edge bevel. This clever design comes with two main advantages: it lowers the center of gravity and reduces turf interaction, contributing to a cleaner contact for more consistent shots and longer flying. Both the irons and the hybrid in the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set are very forgiving, high launching, with a high MOI (moment of inertia) and improved draw bias, making them incredibly easy to get airborne, and most definitely a huge improvement over the original XR generation.