Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set Review

    The Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set is built and designed to set the standard in the golf industry, especially when It comes to easy to hit technologies. The Speedline products debuted with their outstanding aerodynamic shaping, which became the norm in the golf industry, aimed at improving club-head speed and promoting distance in the process. Today, Speedline products are world-renowned for their amazing distance and ball speed, features acquired by their proprietary velocity slot technology. With these things considered, the Adams Speedline Plus Complete is an excellent choice for golf players seeking for improved distance, playability (as in easy to hit golf gear) and ball speeds throughout the bag. Long story short, choosing the Adams Speedline Plus Complete will definitely take your game to the next level. The set comes fully equipped with everything, being the last money you'll ever spend on golf gear: you'll get it all, from the driver to the putter, and all the clubs in the Adams Speedline Plus Complete set feature the aerodynamically shaped heads for increasing performance, shot after shot, round after round. Also, every club in the set is smartly designed for optimizing the essential components in your golf-game, including trajectory and swing speed.

    The driver's aerodynamic shaping reduces the drag during your swings, resulting in more club-head speed, which equals more distance. The high moment of inertia design promotes stability for straighter drives and also increases forgiveness. The Fairway Woods in the Adams Speedline Plus Complete feature the advanced slot design and a bigger sweet spot, for improving launching conditions and maximum forgiveness across the face, together with added ball speed. The hybrid is designed with a very thin crown which lowers the COG (center of gravity) for higher and easier launch, while the thin face provides more speed. There's also heel and toe perimeter weighting for maximizing forgiveness, together with a draw biased design. The irons in the Adams Speedline Plus Complete are very easy to hit, being versatile and forgiving, with ultra deep and low COG and a quad cavity heel and toe perimeter weighting, for delivering exceptional forgiveness and feel. The set comes also with a hybrid bag, a classic shaped putter and a Tom Watson RC 14 Sand Wedge, being the complete pack and offering excellent value for money, together with performance and convenience.