Callaway Edge Combo Set Review
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    The  Callaway Edge Combo Set retails for $699,99 (MSRP) and they're built and designed by the biggest research and development team in golf industry, for offering you, the player, some of the easiest to hit and extremely forgiving hybrid irons ever made. And after taking these  irons for a test drive on the golf course, I can vouch that Callaway really succeeded in their endeavor. And, on top of this amazing performance, the  Callaway Edge Combo Set are also some of the best looking hybrid irons in the game, once again confirming that good looks follow great design. What gives these irons an incredible amount of playability and forgiveness is their high moment of inertia design, courtesy of Callaway's research and development team, of course (kudos to them once again). Basically, the  Callaway Edge Combo Set features the highest MOI the company ever put in their combo-set lineup, like ever!

    Also, the Edge Combo Set features a high launch hybrid design which was created by optimizing the center of gravity (CG) location, for producing the easiest to hit hybrids in the Callaway lineup. How did they do it? Well, it's pretty simple, yet ingenious: the  Callaway Edge Combo Set is built featuring  a hollow iron design, a lowered center of gravity and improved launch angles and forgiveness. All these ingredients are known to produce easy to hit irons, and this combo set proves the theory valid once again. For further promoting hitting ease and forgiveness, accuracy and distance are built in into each club. I was extremely pleased playing with these babies, they're very well crafted and offer excellent value for money. The feel in the swing is awesome and when you hit the sweet spot, you'll be delighted by the thud sound. Bottom line, the  Callaway Edge Combo Set is everything they said it will be, i.e. full of performance features and designed to definitely improve every golfer's game.