Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set Review
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    The Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set retails for $899,99 (MSRP) and it comes with Callaway's proprietary/industry leading technology, namely the 360 Face Cup, together with high launch, excellent forgiveness and the Hyper Speed Face Cup for increased distance. As you can see, Callaway put their best into these babies, the Combo Set being designed to perfectly complement/match the XR OS irons. So, the next question is: who is the new  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set for? Well, after playing a few rounds with these irons/hybrids, my conclusion is that they will suit like a glove golfers with slow swing speeds and/or those wo are relatively inconsistent during their game. Basically, if you're looking for super game improvement and fairly easy to hit irons and a hybrid, the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set is the answer to your prayers. So, what makes these irons/hybrids so forgiving and how they'll improve your game? Here the new and improved Face Cup technology comes into play, with its second-gen design, featuring thinned out zones around the perimeter, for improving speed regardless where the ball hits across the face.

    Also, the sweet spot in the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set is located very low on the face, in that precise area where high handicap golfers usually tend to hit the ball with. All these improvements offer higher ball speeds for the irons and also minimize the unpleasant effects when it comes to off-center/miss-hits via their tremendous forgiveness. Unlike many other irons with very thin and fast faces, the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set doesn't sacrifice feel, thanks to the TPU material which was put between the cavity and the face, in order to dampen vibrations, greatly improving both feel and sound. For achieving better contact and a higher launch, the soles were redesigned, now featuring a trailing edge bevel. This clever design comes with two main advantages: it lowers the center of gravity and reduces turf interaction, contributing to a cleaner contact for more consistent shots and longer flying. Both the irons and the hybrid in the  Callaway XR OS Irons/Hybrids Combo Set are very forgiving, high launching, with a high MOI (moment of inertia) and improved draw bias, making them incredibly easy to get airborne, and most definitely a huge improvement over the original XR generation.