If you watch professional golf on television, take notice of the similarities in their routines. Before hitting a shot, most all of them stand behind the ball calculating what they need to do and then visualizing it actually happen. They pick a specific target and become fixated with it. This method has been around the game for a long time and there is certainly evidence that it's a helpful process. If you don't have a pre-shot routine yet then develop one and stick with it for more consistency.

Consistency Lesson Chart

Better Consistency – Use Your Shirt Buttons For Timing
Improve Your Golf Shot Consistency – Eyes Under Shaft Line At Finish Lesson
Build A More Controlled Backswing For More Consistency
Troubleshooting – Iron Consistency
Creating Consistency During The Golf Swing
Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo To Gain Power And Consistency
Improving The Consistency Of The Set-Up For Consistent Golf Swing Paths
Why and How Ladies should keep their Left Arm Straight during their Golf Swing for Consistency

Muscle Memory Key To Golf Consistency
Does A Shorter Golf Swing Provide More Consistency
A Steady Mood For Creating Golf Consistency
Iron Consistency A to Z Lesson
Basic Wide Takeaway Left Arm Inline With Shaft, Senior Consistency Golf Tip
Consistency Throughout The Golf Bag
Grooving A Smooth Rhythm To Improve Consistency Of Golf Strike
Learn Your Club Yardages to Improve Consistency, Golf
Muscle Memory Key To Golf Consistency – Basics Of Practice
Pre-Putt Routine Can Aid Consistency
Muscle Memory Key To Golf Consistency – How To Practice On The Range
The Mental Side Of Golf: Correct Muscle Memory is Necessary to Golf Consistency
Muscle Memory Key To Golf Consistency – Practice Under Pressure
Muscle Memory The Key To Golf Consistency – Success Under Pressure
Short Game Consistency Techniques
A few chipping points to improve your golf consistency

Improve Consistency With This Great Rotational Drill
Connection Drill To Help With Consistency

Golf Fundamentals, Can It Improve my Consistency?
What Should I Work On To Improve My Consistency?