A Few Chipping Points on How to Improve Consistency

In this article on consistency while chipping, we would like to highlight a few important points.

  • Don’t get down. If you hit one or two bad chip shots early in a given round, don’t let those mistakes get you down. This doesn’t mean that all of your practice time has been wasted, or that you are destined to hit poor chip shots for the rest of the day. Sometimes, a bad shot is just an isolated incident, and you don’t need to think any further about it. Of course, if a pattern does develop, you will want to figure out what the problem is and deal with it during your next practice session. For the time being, however, you can assume that it’s an isolated mistake, and you can move on with your round still feeling confident.
  • Play smart shots. Don’t fall into the trap of always playing the most aggressive shot possible when chipping. If you are constantly trying to pull off a great shot to knock the ball up close to the hole, some of those tough shots are bound to go wrong. Sometimes, the best path toward the target is the easy one, even if that means not being able to get quite as close to the hole in the end. It takes patience to play the smart shot, but you’ll come out better in the end.
  • Respect the lie. The lie of the ball is a variable on each shot which cannot be overlooked. If you take for granted that you can play any kind of shot you like, regardless of the lie, you are going to run into trouble. Before planning out any chip shot, you need to consider what the lie is going to mean for the interaction between the club and the ball at impact. For instance, there are shots which are easy to pull off from a fairway lie which would be basically impossible from the rough. As you continue to build your chipping game, pay attention to how the lie affects your shots and respond accordingly.

Every golfer would love to be more consistent in every aspect of their game. Whether you are talking about chipping, putting, driving, or anything else, consistency is a good thing. Performing consistently not only helps you save strokes, but it also builds confidence for subsequent shots. We hope the tips offered in this article will help move you in a more consistent direction with this crucial aspect of your short game. Good luck!