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Now I know it’s important to strike every club in the bag nicely out of the middle of the clubface. But it becomes very important when we got a hybrid club of the fairway or a big fairway wood from the fairway. Now one of the major considerations here is that when you consider the hybrid clubbing relation to the driver, yes the shaft is very slightly longer, but conversely the head is a lot smaller as well. So, although the driver has the longer shaft it also has a much bigger head which might actually be easier to strike out the middle. This has got nearly as long as shaft but a much smaller head. So, a fairway wood or a hybrid club of a tight life in the fairway, the strike is super important. And it’s actually quite difficult to get these strikes right.

Now the faults are often very similar to the faults that you might have had with your driver in that you might lose your posture in your downswing. So, in the good set position here I have got nice posture in my downswing if I lose my posture I could be heeling the golf ball for that reason. I could have the same reason as my driver that I swing over-the-top, swinging over-the-top brings the club outside the line, I could be heeling my hybrid clubs to my fairway woods, for that reason. The other reason we talked about with the driver was maybe the ball was teed-up too low which is encouraging you to get steep. So, with the driver we suggest that you lift the tpeg up, I go up and have the ball slightly higher on the peg which works great with the driver. But unfortunately you can’t do that with a hybrid club or fairway wood off the deck.

By nature of it, it’s off the deck, you can’t lift it up so you have actually got to learn to strike the ball more from down the line, more from the inside less on the outside, but you are not allowed to lift the tpeg up. So, we have got to be really accurate with our ball positioning and our ball striking. So, from the front on, we are going to position the ball when its on the deck, just inside the left in step by a couple of inches I am then still going to encourage you to hit down on the golf ball, but not hitting down from the outside because we have established that hitting down from the outside could be one of the reasons why you hit the heel. We are going to want to hit from the inside line of the ball coming in here, attacking from a nice position, still striking down and actually its focusing on trying to hit your hybrid clubs and your fairway woods, out to the middle of slightly more from the toe end, but definitely trying to avoid the heel because that swinging from the outside position is not going to hit your best hybrid and fairway wood shots.