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A great drill and an even better swing thought to encourage you to extend down towards your target is the concept that is your hands and arms swing through impact. They should be chasing down the line, basically down the target line. So I'm going to set up this way around that as if the camera is my target. I'm going to get this idea of swinging down the target line. So as I set up to the ball here, I would ideally want the clubhead to be going down that target line for a while and then rising up to point down towards the camera. I don't want the clubhead moving too far one way and particularly not to far this way. This is the general slices position, left elbow pulls into the body and we get stuck. So what you might consider doing out on the golf course or even in practice is laying something down in front of you to encourage you to hit down that line.

So in practice I can take one of my alignment sticks, and simply point it straight at the camera here on the golf ball. And then I want the idea that I'm going to swing my hands and arms and clubhead down that line to get really get the feeling of throwing the club down that line. Now I should stress that on the golf course particularly in a competition you wouldn't be able to physically put something there. But there's nothing to stop me using something that's already on the ground. So your pre-shot routine might actually be that you stand back behind the ball, look down your target line, pick something on the ground and then swing over it. Now the observant amongst you might see just in rows good golfers like him doing something like this, where he's picked a spot on the ground, sets up to it and gets square to it, feet level to that.

And then he actually uses that as his guidance to swing down over the straight object in towards the target line. So by picking something from behind the ball, you then get a little clue of the direction you should be swinging in. If you imagine that blade of grass or whatever it is, is a really strong magnet the club is pulled out towards the magnet, the hands and arms extended, and you finish on your front leg rather than pulling across or swinging too far out this way. Pulling across the ball is not following your target line, this one follows the target line down towards impact. So I think by having this idea of chasing the line you should really encourage you to have better hand and arm extension through the golf swing.