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Video Transcript

Now when you’re setting up to the ball with the driver, it’s essential that you have the correct ball position to help this ball get as much height, carry and distance. But also hit accurate golf shots with the big club. Now the slight difference with the driver, in relation to the rest of your bag is you got a ball on a tee peg, and it is actually quite a large tee peg. We’d often encourage you to tee the ball up about half a ball above the top of the club face. Therefore, we can afford for this club to come in nice and shallow, level or even slightly below the ball and then hit the ball with a slightly rising blow. Now, we’re going to play this ball all the way forwards towards the left instep. We’re going to set the ball up right up onto the left instep for the right handed golfer. And then take a nice big step back with the right foot, so the ball sits way up onto my left side. My centre of gravity, my body position, is around about here, I’m leaning back slightly in relation to the ball, therefore as the club comes in, it bottoms out through this phase then rises slightly as it hits the golf ball.

Still going to hit the bottom portion of the golf ball but hit it with a natural upwards blow. We want to avoid anything where the ball would be back and the club would be coming down, if we’re descending into the golf ball chances are we’re going to launch the ball too low, potentially pop underneath it and sky it or even just spin it up into the sky too much. So having the ball position all the way up onto your left instep with the driver, keep your body weight back a little bit, and feel like you sweep it. Any chance where you’re hitting down into the driver, taking divots or breaking down into too many tee pegs, chances are your ball position is too far back, you’re getting too steep, so I think ball forwards with the woods, shallow angle of attack, and help that ball rise up in to the sky.