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I think for a lot of golfers a fairway wood off the deck can often be one of the hardest shots they have in golf, because you’ve got this kind of awkward bit where you’ve got a longer golf club but you don’t have a tee peg you’ve got to play it straight from the ground. And normally your longer clubs like your driver you've got a tee peg to help you out. Your shorter club plays from the ground or a shorter shaft they are easier to hit, so a fairway wood without a tee peg certainly quite a difficult proposition and one of the things a lot of golfers misunderstand or make the game more difficult for themselves by is they don’t have the golf ball in the right position. The reason why they don’t have the golf ball in the right position is it is quite important it moves, it needs to move with slightly different shots.

So if I've got my three wood here playing a par five I've got a long way to go down I just want to hit this ball down there as far as I can, if I play a three wood from a tee peg lets suggest, I probably have it just here about a balls width from my left in the step for the right handed golfer, it's quite a long way forwards in my stance smallish tee peg and sweep it up into the air. If I now find myself on the fairway but I have got a good lie, I'd do that half a balls width, I've just moved it back a very small amount again I'm going to be able to sweep it from that position because the ball is in quite a good lie. Now if that ball is sitting down a little bit and the lie gets a little bit worse I'm actually going to take the ball a little bit further back in my stance. I want to produce a ball that’s been hit with a slightly more descending arc so the club's still on its way down maybe its leveled out but it's certainly not trying to come back from underneath and lift the ball from the underneath because you've got a bad lie coming from underneath just makes that lie play even worse.

If the lie really isn’t very good I might bring it back a smidge further, now if the lie was terrible I just shouldn't be using a three wood, there's no point hitting a three wood from the back of your stance and gauging it out with some long grass it's just simply the wrong club. If you were to look at a lie and let's say a good lie we'd call it 10 out of 10 and a really poor lie is a one out of 10, a fairway would certainly a three wood is really played for a nine, eight, seven, six below a six out of 10 in terms of a lie too much long grass the ball sitting down too low, you don’t need a three wood or even a five wood you need something with more loft that’s going to cut underneath that golf ball and get it back popped up into the air.

So it needs to be a good lie the better the lie the more forwards in the stance played from one inch behind the in step back to about three four inches behind the instep and that would be the perfect position for you to tee up your fairway woods.