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Video Transcript

So you join me now looking rather strange, I've got the sticks straight through my belt loops but I assure you there is a good reason for this. What this drill will teach you is good hip alignment at the set position and the correct hip movement during the swing for maximum efficiency and maximum distance when you hit the golf ball. So as I set up the ball now, I've got one club pointing down on the target line here with is pointing straight at the camera because you're my target. I'm going then to align myself foot to the ball is on the floor, and I'm setting up nice in square now hopeful you can see that this stick sits straight in square over the stick that is on the floor. And that’s my hips nice and lined up. If you have an issue with your feet alignment or little twisting your kneels, or twisting your hips you'll start to see quite a big problem there quite a big effect of the sticks not pointing on line.

So I've got everything nicely lined up to start with. Then during my back swing, I'd like to make a nice efficient turn with the upper body in the back swing, but try and resist too much turn of the hips. If you could work on the principle that your shoulder should turn 90 degrees, but your hips should turn less than 45 degrees, that creates a nice powerful position. So from a good address position here I make a nice big back swing turn with the upper body, but I haven’t let my hips rotate too much. If I can see this, I can see there's too much rotation.

Then during the down swing I'd like too shift the cane across so I see it move laterally and then I see it open up quite a lot. So at the impact position, the cane is very open to target I'm desperately trying to not bring it get back to my same position, make sure you don’t think of bringing the club exactly back or your cane exactly back to impact as the club hits the cane should not be level it should be very open. This is releasing the power through the ball generating a lot more distance on the shot.

So using the hip rotation and the hip alignment correctly is really essential to generating loads of power. To get this set up correctly, if you got trials that have got belt loops on them, you can swap the club through the center and it should just be one belt loop either the side of the belt buckle and make sure that’s pointing that square. And then make some practice swings and feel how your shoulders turn but your hips don’t and then your hips turn aggressively through the impact position. Remember you're not trying to come back to that square at impact you should be very open, and hopefully that exercise will help you align your hips correctly and generate way more power during your swing.