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So now let's look in a little bit more detail exactly what this Jack Nicklaus power fade would look like. Generally, if you split your fairway out there that fairway is going to be about 30, 40 yards wide. We're probably going to see a power fade set off in the left hand third for the right-handed golfer, set off in the left-hand third of the fairway and then just move gently from left to right to do that power fading kind of flight. Let me stress, this is not a slice, this is a power fade. So for the ball to set off in the left-hand third of the fairway, that’s where the club face needs to aim just slightly down that left side. And then if the ball is going to move from left to right during its flight as well the swing path is probably slightly from out to in, certainly the swing path would be left of the club face.

And don’t forget the face was left of target as well. So the face and the path both slightly down the left side face very slightly open. So we're not asking for a golf swing that’s kind of chopping out to in necessarily but also likewise it's not away from the inside like a draw would be. It's probably a pretty straight, maybe slightly left swing path with a slightly open face. Now the way we're going to be able to create that slightly open face for a lot of golfers you're generally having a slightly weaker than normal grip. So a weaker grip would be having the hands turned slightly to the left hand-side at set up and the right hand likewise over the top. Normally would look for two and a half to three knuckles on the left hand.

If we went to two, one and a half at most and then bring that right hand over the top to the V points at the chin or slightly left of the chin. That’s going to put the hands in a slightly weaker position which is going just help keep that club face open in relation to swing path which should fade the ball slightly. So the weaker grip definitely going to help with that power fade. The one last area that we might look at as well is a very active lower body. Really getting the feeling of clearing that low body out of the way very nicely and opening that low body up. generally what we find is we reveres that and didn’t use the lower body enough, the club head and the hands would start to overtake too much and the hands would close the face down. So we want to be nice and active with that low body to hold that face in an open position and just start to hit that little left to right swing path. And that’s the three areas that I think you could work on to start to improve that Jack Nicklaus power fade.