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Video Transcript

Should I maintain my spine angle during my golf swing? Now the easiest answer to this question is yes, absolutely. If you get yourself into a solid posture position with a very, very good spine angle, you want to be maintaining that throughout the backswing and also throughout the downswing as much as possible. Now, a good spine angle address can be identified when we tilt over from the hips keeping the back nice and straight and getting an angle between the club shaft and the spine angle of about 90 degrees. Now, as you’re actually swinging the club and you turn away, you want to be keeping that spine angle tilted over and at 90 degrees in relation to where that shaft angle was at address.

Now a great way to practice this is you just pop a club across the back of the shoulders, turn away and try and get the butt end of that club pointing down at your actual ball, down at your target line. Now this is almost a bit of an exaggeration because in reality you won’t want to be turning down into this position; this is a bit of an exaggerated position. But if you can practice this, it’s a great stretch to use. What you want to be doing and what you want to be seeing is the shoulders to turn the spine angle to be maintained all the way to the top of that backswing; and from there to be maintained down into the through swing. If you can maintain that spine angle, it’s going to be such a good kind of vehicle to turn around, to rotate around, and to actually hit consistent shots around. As soon as the spine angle starts to lift or to dip, the actual swing plain in the body is also going to lift and dip as well. So you want to be keeping that spine angle in a lowly position and just be rotating around it. If you can do that and you can manage to maintain that which will take a little bit of effort and a little bit of flexibility, and a little bit of strength, you’re going to be able to hit some very, very consistent shots. And hopefully, with a little bit of luck; start to lower your scores.