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Video Transcript

Why do I see people making one handed practice swings? Now one handed practice swings are actually a very difficult technique to pull off and it does require quite a lot of strength in the hands and the arms. But the main reason people actually use that drill is to perfect their timing and their rhythm. A lot of people when they’re kind of using two hands can get very, very quick, very, very aggressive, and the club can kind of get out of sequence on the way down. If you only have one hand to actually swing the club everything has to slow down and you have to hit positions a lot better to actually make contact with the ball. Now the easiest one to use if you’re a right handed is the one handed swing with the right hand.

Taking the right left hand, taking it away often putting it behind the back, swinging away, trying to make sure you get a nice wrist hinge by keeping the swing nice and slow, using the body to turn through, and almost trying to feel like the hand is quite passive through the shot and then clicking it away. You’ll soon see when you actually use this drill you can’t actually swing that fully because you need to maintain control of the club. Now the left handed one this is a very difficult one to do, I’m a little bit nervous about doing this one on video as well. But it’s getting to that posture position, just using the club and the body to turn away back and through and just trying to clip it away with a good amount of timing.
And you’ll soon see, if you actually start to swing very, very quickly you won’t be able to make a solid contact with the ball. If you have 10 shots just using one handed swings, when you put both hands back on the club, you’ll find that your tempo and your rhythm has slowed down so ensure that you make a good solid connection with the ball. So if you are struggling with your timing, you are struggling with your give the one handed drills a go and hopefully it will help you in these two aspects of your game.