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So, now if we look at the specifics of how this wider golf swing, this wider arc of this Davis Love style of golf swing, will actually felt what happens to the golf ball, obviously if we are making this change, there has got to be a reason why we are making the change.

So, the one major principle is you actually strike the golf ball is that you will probably be attacking the golf ball with a slightly flatter arc, you won’t be so steep, you would be a little bit more around and little bit flatter coming into the back of the golf ball. And that will have an effect on the general golf shot there will be a slightly lower arc, it won’t fly up into the air as much with quite some spanks spin, there will be a slightly lower arc. You might be able to create a bit of drill and again that will create a slightly flattible flight, what we might suggest because it’s a more penetrating ball flight, which is a real positive thing that we want.

Now the one negative connotation with making this slightly wider more arcing golf swing, is actually when you get the ball in a bad lie, particularly in the longer grass, in the rough. If we can consider that if we were making quite a narrow golf swing, the club would be coming up and down more and a widest swing would be lower to the ground and then lower and flatter coming in. So, this way around a shallower a golf, a steeper golf swing, narrower golf swing, should I say, would be more up and down, hitting down on the back of the ball, less tangling in the rough. The Davis Love wide arcing swing might feel like it comes in quite shallow and actually starts to catch the ground a little bit before the ball. So, we are obviously aiming to still hit the ground after the golf ball and take a divot, but if the club is coming in flatter and shallower, there is a chance that bad light, that rough will interact with the club a little bit more.

So, if you make this commitment to make this change I would suggest you take a few balls to the side of the golf course, into the semi rough or the heavy rough and actually just workout the feeling of the golf shot and the understanding of how the shot will react, when you in a pool lie. And then hopefully when you integrate that into your technique when you go out in the golf course, you don’t get any nasty surprises that I used to be able to play out, this lie, with my steep putt [indiscernible] [00:02:08] swing and now I have got this new lovely Davis Love technique, I am actually hitting the ground a little bit heavier and hitting the ball worst from the bad lie.

So, the changes you will expect is you will expect a flattable flight which is a nice positive thing more penetrating ball flight but it might just be a little tricky to play from the rough. So, have a little practice for those elements on the driving range before you take them to the golf course and hopefully that will have a positive change on your game.