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Video Transcript

So, if you are now in a position where you have decided that the Davis Love Ultra Wide Golf Swing is going to be something that’s suitable for you, you are physically in the right proportions and you are ready to make this commitment, we need to start to drill, it will give you the right feelings and the right motions. And as with a lot of things in the golf swing, the setup and the first motion and the takeaway really sets the for everything else that’s going to follow within the rest of the swing.

Now if we look at the fault, the person that doesn’t get into the Ultra Wider takeaway, generally the feeling there would actually be the right hand is doing too much work in the first part of the golf swing. So, if I can set up face down the line here, and we get a setup, now the fault here would be over use of the right hand, the right hand pulls in, this would not be classed as ultra wide, this would actually be quite low, quite shallow more of that Garcia type of swing that I mentioned in my previous video. The Davis Love motion would be wider out this way, you can see how the right hand is more of a passenger and it’s not cranking and pulling in. So, a really nice exercise and a really nice drill to get this swing right, but actually just to make one-handed swings using only your left hand and take your right hand out of the way.

So, again if we setup to the golf ball now, normal drive is setup, but just go ahead and swing back only with the left hand you can see my left hand instinctively wants to work away from me, it definitely shouldn’t want to pull up here. So, it was a take back club away, it’s low and it’s slow to the flow, the left arm extends reaches super wide, now I can bring my right hand back into the equation and feel I have created lots and lots of width in the backswing. It’s the same thing here to the golf ball from down the line push, push, push, push, push on line up, up, up really high and wide then bring the right hand back into the equation to help support the club, but it isn’t the right hand pulling and nipping in.

Now if you feel that when you are making that motion, you feel your left hand isn’t quite strong enough to lift the club in to the position maybe you could use your right hand just to help support it, but back to back so your right hand goes under the club support the back of the palm and just help push and again you create the real width here, this right hand can’t pull in so it pushes back, creates more width then it can help support it. Go with the driving range practice at a few times then start hitting a few shots. So, a big wide backswings, then support it with your right hand and then swing down. And if you can get a takeaway right you are halfway there to creating your super wide golf swing arc following the lines of Davis Love.