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If we now understand how and why the golf swing should be wide particularly in that takeaway motion here is a really cracking drill for you to go and work on to prove to yourself that you are taking the club nice and wide. And this is a checkpoint that you might be able to run quite regularly when you go to the driving range to make sure your swing is looking super wide.

First thing we're going to do is line up to one ball on the ground and place another ball just about a ball's width behind it and then slide the club in between the two. So I've got one in front of my club, one behind my club. The hope then is that as I am making my backswing I can push the rear ball away as far as I can in my wide takeaway. And I've learnt to push that ball pretty much straight back towards the camera.

If I set up here, and I pull in too much I create too much height in my backswing. I can find the club comes off the floor too much. And I didn't make contact with that ball for very long. I pulled it out. I pulled the club too early. You also might find that your club comes in sometimes too early and again does not keep contact with the ball for very long. So a good exercise there is to push that ball away long and low with my club. I'm not trying to throw it a long way back, I'm just trying to keep contact with it as long as possible to create width.

Let's have a look at that from the other angle. Again, there are my two balls about a ball's width apart, club in between the two and then as I made my take away I pushed that ball back as far as I can to make sure I'm creating width rather than lifting the club up too early.

So we're not trying to hit this ball back a long way, we're just making contact with it for as long as possible, anything where you lift your hands and arms up too early, we didn't keep contact with the ball for very long. So this is a cracking little exercise. It helps your swing to be nice and smooth and rhythmical, creates a lot of width in your backswing and you should find that if you can check back every time you go to the driving range you can be consistently sure you've always got a super wide, super simple takeaway in your golf swing.