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Now we use that word tempo to describe the speed and change of direction of a golf swing. So, from an address position, how fast does the club come up and down to the golf ball? The coming down to the golf ball, we want it to be as fast as possible. We've got to be careful of the change of tempo, the change of speed and the change of direction up here. We don't want it to have too quick a tempo. If you look at somebody like Nick Price or Jose Maria Olazabal, very, very quick tempo in the golf swing, really kind of quite snatch and almost a bit jerky at the top.

And the wrist, when you look at golfers like that is that if you take on too much of the quick tempo, you can have a rush golf swing, you don't necessarily give yourself time to finish your backswing before you start your downswing. So in Nick Price, up to the golf ball, little waggle, quite quick in his movements before he hits the ball back and through. And he really gets through the ball very, very aggressively and a bit too quickly for my liking. I'd rather you have a little bit of a longer backswing to give yourself a chance to coil a spring and wind up and then release through the golf ball with speed.

But I think the most important thing with tempo it be consistent. Nice Price's tempo to be fair to him is consistent whether he's playing the first hole of a practice round or the last hole of a major championship, the same rhythm, the same tempo every single time. If you can, keep it smooth, keep it consistent. One of the best ways of checking your tempo would just be to take one of your clubs and just swing it upside down, hold it this way around so it's very light at this end.

When you make a backswing to the top, you won't hear a noise on the downswing. You should be able to hear a swoosh. I don't know whether that's picking up on the microphone on the camera here but you can clearly hear there's a swoosh to the club, nice and slowly back, swoosh it on the way through. If we got the swoosh on the way back, it would be too jerky. There would be less rhythm and less tempo in there. So, spin the club back over now, swing it back slowly then hit through the golf ball.

Don't forget, tempo doesn't mean you can't attack the ball and be aggressive on the downswing and the impact position but just not too aggressive on the backswing as well. So, slowly back, whip through the ball to a nice balanced finish position and try not to take onboard too much of Nick Price's tempo.