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We often talk about width in the backswing we create, and building width on the way back away from the ball. And really the one player that creates probably the most width and a recognizable tweak in his swing is Davis Love III. He sets on to the golf with some pretty classic address positions but as he moves back away from the ball the left hand and arm his glove effectively is as far wide in a way and back as he can possibly create. He has left hand way up over the top of his right shoulder little bit of maybe what a lot of people would see as an over swing but because he creates so much width in his backswing it actually provides himself quite a lot of time to allow the club to travel back in a nice big wide arc and getting back to quite a square impact position.

If you have got a very narrow, short backswing with a collapse left arm and the club is very close to the back of your neck here, you will find yourself very narrow on the downswing in trying to release the golf club or the ball without really that much time. Now Davis loved big wide, backswing from the top gives the club a nice long run ups he was one of the longer hit of his generation, big long swing, but run up but also allowing himself the time now to square the club up quite evenly, his hands don’t have to flick the golf ball like you might do if you have got a very narrow compact swing. He also creates a really good coil between his upper and lower body so although he might be seem to be having a little bit of a over swing it’s not that his hips or his legs get involved in the back swing at all very solid in his lower half good strong core nice and high little bit long for my liking but a good wide position on the way down creates a big wide arc and don’t get the hands flicking too much.

So if you are an inconsistent driver of the ball consider how much stretch you have of this left arm work on the Davis Love move of keeping the club as far away from your head as you can and your backswing, push it nice and high and wide in a way and then use that width from the downswing and hopefully that will maybe a straight driver of the golf ball.