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So, some of the things we need to look at now to understand are you going to be suitable to play with this Davis Love style of Ultra Wide Golf Swing. Now what you could do is really look at the man himself and model yourself on him and think well if I follow his characteristics that maybe his swing is right for me.

So, the first thing is are you tall enough? Davis Love is over 6 feet tall, similar sort of size to me. So, that enables us to make this longer, wide, ranging motion, because we have nice big long arms, nice big flexible shoulders so you should find it easy to make that long range of motion if you are physically taller. Generally a shorter player let’s take the exaggeration look back to Ian Woosnam played some amazing golf in his career, 5’5’’ to 5’6’’ something of that nature. Now his golf swing is very different to Davis Love, a lot more shallower around the body type of motion, but really created a lot of power from his core and a fast body rotation. Whereas Davis Love much longer, much wider range of motion. So, let’s suggest that 6 foot and above, we can start working on this long swing, this wider swing should I say.

The next thing to consider is tempo, Davis Love; he humble [Phonetic] [00:01:16] around the golf course never looked like he is going to be rushed on the same approach to his golf swing. So, his back swing is long and wide and slow and then he creates the par and the downswing. If you feel that you are a fast person, a fast cadence person rushing everywhere into everything quite quick at talking then when you get to the golf course, you try and make this lovely long slow swing, it’s probably not really going to suit your personality type or your general rhythm in life. So, that might be a shorter, quick and narrower swing that works for a person who is generally a bit faster.

One last principle would be how much hand action you use. The David Love Ultra Wide Swing doesn’t require or need a great deal of fast hands. The width of the swing, the length of the arc and swing allows the hands to release a bit more slowly. If you are quite a handsy takeaway and quite a flakey player through the ball, maybe more of a Garcia type of player than this ultra wide swing really isn’t necessarily for you.

So, let’s look at those three attributes again we want to be over 6 feet tall, have quite a slow languid rhythm around the golf course and in everyday life and not be too handsy in the golf swing, nice wide motions without the flick of the hands coming away from the ball. If you hit all those checkpoints, let’s progress further and look at this Davis Love Ultra Wide Golf Swing.