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Video Transcript

So in most good golf players, you’ll see quite a neutral grip. A lot of people have a fairly consistent grip throughout, the tour players particularly. One person that stands out as having a slightly different grip is Paul Azinger. Very, very strong with his grip. Now, what do we mean by strong? Basically, if you grip the golf club, you should be able to see two knuckles, at the most two and a half knuckles on the back of your left hand. Azinger is all the way around here, three, maybe even four knuckles visible on the back of the left hand there.

That conversely throws the right hand quite strong and underneath. So the right hand is too far to the right, the left hand too far to the right, puts him in a very strong position. Now as he takes the golf club back, the club face would therefore close slightly. So from this angle, we swing it back, the club face points a little bit too much to the floor, and then, like Dustin Johnson, Paul Azinger’s club faces a little bit too much to the sky as well. For a lot of people that actually results in the ball hooking on the way through. The hands are too active, they roll too much back towards their neutral position, and if they started off strong, and they roll to neutral, the ball will generally hook.

Now if you can keep a nice neutral grip, it’s easier to square the club face up. Azinger actually has to make a compensatory movement to stop the club face shutting. So he would have a strong grip at start, or up to the top quite strong as well, quite closed, driving his bottom half and his legs out the way and letting the club lag in, he’s then just about able to hold the club face into a good position. But if he wasn’t so active with his bottom half, those hands would whip over, the right hand would dominate the swing too much, drag the ball down the left hand side, and have too many hooks. So if you tend to hook the golf ball too far to the left, just question whether the position of your hands is quite right. Make sure that grip is nice and neutral, and hopefully you will be able to hit the ball straighter with that.