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One of the keys to being a good putter is to make sure that your hands work in unison to taking the club evenly back and evenly through. Without having one hand dominating or controlling more than another. We need to make sure the hands go together as a team because if one of the hands fights and the other hand doesn’t we got a bit of a yippy stroke, making it very inconsistent. Now if you’re really struggling, you’re feeling that your hands arguing and fighting with each other, you might consider a cure buy changing your grip. One of the issues might be that you change into a claw (saw) grip, it’s fairly unconventional grip and it will feel very strange and very alien at first.

But if you give yourself a week to practice this grip, takings lots of puts in the house or in the putting grid, eventually it might start to feel a little bit more like something you can use and giving you some good results. The claw grip basically works on taking the upper hand in the normal position but the lower hand placed across the grip with four fingers on top and in a kind of open position and just gripping around the back with the thumb around the back of the club. Then from this position the club is just swung very gently evenly back and through with a slight pushing motion from the back hand, the left hand at the top there guiding. It’s certainly not going to encourage the hand that sort of arguing and fight with each other and it will stop the right hand particularly having a dominating effect which would break the left wrist down.

So just keeping the left wrist firm using the right hand, just nice and gently, just back and through in a sporting action just to push that club through online. So if you feel like you’re struggling with your putting because your hands arguing, why don’t you try the claw grip for a while and see how that works.