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So one of the biggest killers to having a good putting stroke; and a good putting stroke is something that's consistent for line and for speed. So one of the biggest killers through good putting stroke is having too much wrist action. If you got too much flick going on in your putting stroke, you can't be consistent for line and speed on a regular basis. There is a little putting device here that I've got on my putter, it's just designed to help you see when I'm using my wrist and when I'm not. So if I go ahead and take my set position here you’ll see the little blind ball set nicely against my front arm.

And that was going to be my normal address position just having it just sitting just there. And if I was able to keep it there and make a good back and a good through action, this isn’t moving off my arm. However if I use my wrist and I flick here it moves away and I flick through, it bhangs it on against. Now this is like a $15 device, this is not an expensive piece of kit, but it's an amazing way of helping you decide whether you're using your wrist and how you can improve it. And I try this with a lot of golf, a lot of clients that I teach on a regular basis and I say “do you use your wrist?” “No, no, no I know I shouldn’t do that and I definitely don’t use my wrist”

And then we try this device with them and this thing goes whack and then bhangs up against their arm again. “Oh maybe I do use my wrist, maybe that's the reason I'm making mistakes.” So a little training, a little device like this is a great piece of kit. But basically I can use it now just to rock back and rock through to prove I'm not using my wrist. And I find that to not use my wrist, it's much better to use my shoulders, clearly something has to move to get that club to get backwards and forwards. So if you look at my shoulders you’ll see that rocking backwards and forwards. My shoulders are controlling that putting stroke.

If I start using my wrist and now look at my shoulders, my shoulders have stopped. So to stop using your wrists, you need to use your shoulders more. If I hold this across my shoulders now, and just rock the handle on the head, down and up, down and up, that gives me the correction motion. Now you can see my knees aren’t involved and hips aren’t involved. It's just from the shoulders, bring that back down to a good putting setup. Shoulder down, shoulder up, shoulder down, shoulder up, everything looks good. Shoulders level try and move the club, it has to be the hands that are doing the job. So to get rid of your wristy putting stroke, get yourself a little training aid like this, and learn to start using your shoulders correctly and stop using those pesky hands.