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Now a duff chip shot can be one of the most sort of frustrating parts of any golfer’s game. You’ve hit two nice shots; you just hit the side of the green, just need to dink your arm, and it goes nowhere, it goes three feet, because you’ve duffed it. And duffing the ball is hitting the ground behind the golf ball. And a lot of golfers duff their chips because they are trying to hit a good shot, they are trying to hit the ball high.

So they’re trying to lift the ball nicely onto the green. And it’s the act of lifting the ball that actually creates the duff. So duff is hitting the ground too far behind the ball. So we often see this sort of thing; golfers leaning back and trying to flick the golf ball and you could hear I hit the ground way, way back behind the ball. And there’s the duff, there’s the problem. So the easiest way to eradicate the duff from your game is to focus on two areas. First thing is keeping your body weight left and in front of the golf ball and the second thing, is maintaining the triangle.

So the first one there is setting up with the ball in the centre but the body weight left. Get the body weight onto the front leg for the right handed golfer that’s leaning to the left. Leaning to the left means I’m going to bottom the club out after the ball. And the second thing is maintain the triangle.

And the triangle is the triangle in your hands and arms so we keep this triangle here, we swing back, maintaining the triangle, and we swing through maintaining the triangle. At no point have I broken the triangle down as I try to scoop and lift the ball into the air. So it’s a good setup, leaning left, maintain the triangle. And if you could incorporate those two great check points, lean left, keep the triangle that should improve your chipping and get rid of the duffs.