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Video Transcript

So how can you stop hitting your iron shots fat? Well let’s firstly determine what a fat shot is, a fat shot is where you hit the ground before the ball. So we take a divot on the right side of the ball for the right handed golfer. Now the key point here is that you’ll generally hit the ground under the center of your gravity. So when the center of gravity is too far off to the right that’s where the divot comes from, that’s where the fat shot comes from.

So if we understand that we can now understand our correction, the principle behind the correction is that you need to be moving your body weight more to your left side, ready for impact. So we start off with our body weight 50-50 there might be a slight shift to your right side during your backswing. But only 10% say 60-40 something of that nature. Then from the right side you can drive your body weight towards your front leg and hitting down make sure the lowest point of your swing happens after the ball, so the club doesn’t hit the ground here, it hits the ground over on this side. Taking a divot is fine, taking a divot and hitting the ball fat are not the same thing.

Taking a divot after the golf ball is something most good players do, hitting the ground taking a divot before the golf ball is what a few high handicap and armatures do. So we are going to try and take a divot on the left side and we are going to do that because that’s where the body weight will be during impact even to the point where my right heel is actually in the air. I’ve got all my body weight to my left side I can hit the ground and I can take a divot after the ball.

So you watch the shift in this swing, I turn slightly to my right, move back to my left and then hit down. And as I strike down I take ball and turf and finish well over to my left leg, my right leg up into the air. If I was catching myself leaning back here that will be a clear sign of why I was hitting the ball fat, improve your weight shift to get rid of the fat shots.