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Quite a common shot for a lot of better players with the hybrid golf clubs is they often turn the ball from right to left and hook the ball a bit too much. So here is a little tip of how you could stop hooking your hybrid golf clubs. When we set up to the golfer with a hybrid, there is sometimes, a little bit of confusion about whether the people should address the ball like the way they are with an iron or they are with a fairway wood. Now one of the considerations that I would have here is if you get too far away from the ball and have the ball too far forwards your golf swing will become quite rounded, quite flat and then lots of time to turn your hands over could result in that hybrid hooking down the left side of the fairway. I think the better approach would actually be to play your hybrid club similar to how you play your long to mid irons.

So address the ball so it’s not too way too far forwards in your stands. Maybe play the ball so just it is just left of centre. Maybe like a six or seven-iron, to get nice and close to the golf ball still adhering to the two inches above your left knee position. And grip it nicely. Now from this position, swing like you have got an iron in your hands, feel like you are trying to hit down and take a divot. And in that respect, you should avoid the big hook left. Like I said the feeling of hooking the ball with a hybrid I think is too far forwards, too far away from you and too much time to turn your hands with a sweeping action. Play the ball more towards the centre of your stance with a hybrid, swing a little bit steeper and try and chop the hybrid out as if, you are hitting down into the ground. Chances are there you will get a better strike, the clubface could be more open and will reduce the amount of these hybrids hooking down the left side.