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Although the golfers question how they can create and control more spin on these short shots and certainly this crisp contact with this bat at left arm position is one of the best ways that you can create spin. If you're hitting the ground before the ball or topping the ball certainly you're not going to create any spin on that. So by improving your left arm position as you hit the shot you should start to create and control a bit more spin on your golf ball; but there are a couple of other issues that’ll help you bring that ball and bring it down to a nice standstill, nice and quickly on the green.

One thing you might find is actually when you’re on an uphill slope you’re going to have a little bit more spin and certainly a little bit more stop on the ball. So chipping off an uphill lie like this enables the club to strike the ball, back to strike the ball more cleanly rather than the turf first, it gets more off the ball first; but also because the added loft that hits the ball higher when it comes down on the green it comes down steep about a trajectory, lands and spins on the green quicker. So, chipping from an uphill lie you should spin the ball a little bit more crisply because of the slope.

Well, the considerations might be using plenty of loft and a decent amount of power. If we don’t have enough loft or enough power we’re not going to get enough spin at the point of impact to get the ball to stop on the green. You also might find that when you're playing out of wet ground conditions that you struggle a little bit if there is anything to do with your technique. It's just simply the fact that the ball is wet, the club is wet, the grass is wet when they impact each other. It doesn’t impart as much spin as it would do in dry conditions. They don’t panic too much if you’re not spinning the ball in the wet weather.

One last consideration might just be the quality of the golf ball. If you're trying to spin the ball from long shots and short shots like it's just considered that we do need a premium golf ball, a softer cover on the golf ball. You can either read that in the packaging on the box or even just on the clubface. If you bounce the ball up and down on the club face you can generally hear and feel when you’ve got a good ball or a hardball or a softball, and a softer ball is going to be better for you to chip the ball with plenty of spin. So using that technique there, those techniques I've just outlined, you should feel that you can generate and control your spin from around the greens.