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Video Transcript

So we know that golf is a target related game, we’ve got something to aim for down here and the only thing that hits the golf ball is the golf club. So it stands to reason the club needs to be aimed correctly to produce the relevant shots and the right shots. But golf clubs aren’t that easy to aim, yes they’ve got a straight line at the front but they’ve got a huge number of curved lines around them and the leading edge is quite often offset to a bizarre angle out to the right. When you look at a driver face it’s going to be dominating, it’s not a straight face it’s always been curved. So aiming this thing gets increasingly difficult. So here is a little tip that can help you out with that alignment.

As I’m setting up to the golf ball, I point my feet in the relevant direction so I can drop the club down here and stand back and check my feet and my body are on the right line. Then we see an awful lot of golfers mess up at the set up by getting the club facing the wrong position. Easiest way I feel here is to lift the golf club up in front of you and just check that is vertical. That should be easier to see at this level and if it isn’t check it again something that is vertical in the background that normally would be a tree or a pylon or something that you can see that’s square, then make your grip bring that club straight down in front of you and that should now be pointing at your target if your feet are aligned nicely and correctly.

So everything out in front of you, check the alignment, bring it down, that should be nicely on line. Then go ahead and just chip the ball forward and then if the ball goes straight your line up would be good. If you have the club face off line it would look off line at this level, you’ll be off line here and as you chip the ball forwards it would just play out to the wrong direction it wouldn’t go straight. So make sure that club face is line up correctly. If you’re still struggling with your alignment there is something you could look out for. These are the products that Thomas Golf make and this is a hybrid club that they make and on all the Thomas Golf line they have a straight line on top, they work very much on making sure the alignment is easier for a golfer.

So here we got a hybrid club with a straight line on the back, now most golfers are used to seeing this sort of thing in putting. You know putting is about aiming towards the target. So why don’t we do that with all of our other golf clubs? So irons, woods, hybrid clubs and drivers from Thomas Golf all have the alignment tied on top and simply when I place that down behind my golf pole is that easy, is like aiming a put. I twist it until it points in the right direction, I set my body and my feet up around that line, I then make my normal swing and as long as that line comes back down square I trust the ball is going to go an awful lot of straighter. So be it with my irons, my hybrids or my drivers, if I have a Thomas Golf product in my bag that always aims me exactly like it does with the putter. It feels very intuitive, very easy to do and it produces lot more accurate golf shots.