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To help try and ensure a very good impact position a great grip is absolutely essential, especially if we're looking to get our wrist angle moving down into the point of impact. Now with the left hand what you want to be seeing is the club to be running from the base of the little finger through the middle of the index finger. As it runs in that direction, it allows you to wrap your hand over, look down on you grip, see two and a half knuckles. More importantly it allows you to hinge your wrists correctly. You have a full range of motion within this grip. If it moves more to the palm it isn't as easy to get that full range of motion. So how many through the fingers is a much more stable position to be in.

After that when the right hand comes in, either an interlock or an overlap are my preferred grip methods. I use an overlap which is the little finger of the right hand interlaced between the index and the second thing of the left. And my right hand is going to wrap over until the left thumb is covered by the lifeline of my right hand. As I look down on this grip, I can't really see much of my left hand in the V created by the thumb and my forefinger on my right hand is pointing outwards towards my right chest. It is important to get my right hand in this position as well. So if I take my left hand off, you can see it is also through the fingers of my right hand.

And this again gives me a nice full range of motion when I'm hitting the shot. It also allows me to come through the point of impact, and get that handle leaning ahead and get that shaft angle leaning towards the target. Combined the range of motion and pressing down of that right palm through the point of impact should help ensure a nice consistent strike with the golf ball.